New Year, New Me

New Year's Eve Outfits

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New Year's Eve is always a great night so you obviously need the perfect dress.  These were some of my favorites and while I wouldn't wear all of them because sequins aren't the best on me, I still think these dresses could look great on a lot of people.  

Which dress is your favorite?

What to Buy with Christmas Cash

As much as I love getting cash for Christmas, I am then always in a bind when it comes to choosing what to actually get and reality normally hits too because I should probably just put it away into savings.  Well, for those of you that plan on spending your money, which unfortunately I always end up doing, here are a few of my favorite finds so far that I think are great options to spend your Christmas cash on.

1. Make Up

Mac Pre + Prime

Eye Shadow Pallet

2. Kendra Scott

3. Monogram your items

I just got a monogrammed tote and love it but also got a pajama set that aren't monogrammed, yet.  Taking things to your local seamstress is very easy, especially if they have the capabilities of monogramming something.  It doesn't cost too much and it makes one of your favorite items personalized to you!

4. Designer Bag

I always have my eyes on something Tory Burch.  This is not the exact bag that I am wanting right now but I am sure many of you can think of that nice designer bag that would complete all of your outfits but you are worried it will brake the bank.  Well, what I can say is that designer bags are expensive for a reason and that is because they are going to last you.  Swallow that pill and realize that a nice bag is a great investment and don't look back.  Trust me, you will be happy you finally gave in.

5. Designer Sunglasses

I have had my eye set on a pair of Prada sunglasses that are similar to these and I just could never pull myself to actually buy them.  Now that I have cash I feel like this is the perfect time.  So if you have that one pair of sunglasses that you have been dying to get, get them!

6. FitBit Charge HR

You will see in a post later this week why I chose to spend some cash on my Fit Bit Charge but I am so happy I did.  Wait is a great way to start preparing for the New Year.

7. Personal Day

I hope this gave you some great ideas on how to spend your Christmas cash.  Don't forget to catch up with me on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter.  I also love your feedback so feel free to share this post through the links below and leave comments or you can email me at

As always, thanks for reading!

Pinecrest Christmas Tree Farm

My family has been using a real Christmas tree for a while now but we decided this year to go and cut down our own tree!  It was cold and snowy so here is a recap about my outfit that I wore that was perfect for Christmas tree shopping!

I strongly advise wearing Hunter Boots or some type of rain boot to a tree farm because it is so wet and can also get pretty muddy.  I wore a sweater (similar) with my Ralph Lauren Riders Club vest (similar) and then a fall knit scarf.  My Lululemon leggings are my favorite things in the whole entire world also and if you don't have them already, I would suggest getting some.  You want to wear something festive, so either something good for fall or Christmas but it also needs to be practical and warm so I thought my sweater, vest, leggings, and boots were perfect and tied perfectly together with the knit scarf.

Here is the link to my monogrammed necklace 

If any of you go and cut down your Christmas trees, tag me in your instagram post @ClassicallyClad I would love to see all the fun you had because I know I had a great time with my family.

Music Monday

I was all over the place with my music in November.  Here were a few of my favorite and in the top of my most played music!  BEWARE - December will probably be filled with a lot of Christmas music.

Mindful Monday

Everyone needs that friend in their life that is always thinking about them and going out of their way for them.  If you don't have that friend, try to be that friend for someone because I can't tell you how nice it was to have my friend go out of her way to do something nice for me.  She got me the Alex and Ani Pineapple bracelet that I have been obsessed with for a long time.  It's meaning is to "empower friendships and encourage good times" and since I was having a bad week, she thought it was very fitting that she get it for me.  It absolutely made my week and "empowering friendships and encouraging good times" is something that I do always try to do and now I have a constant reminder of it everyday. Go out.  Think of others.  Touch other peoples lives.  You have no idea what it could mean for them.

Blanket Yourself in Scarves

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This fall, girls are all rocking the blanket scarves.  I have yet to pick one up myself but basically it's because I cannot decide which one I want!  They look great with a sweater and boots if you are looking for a nicer look but they also look super cute if you have a hoodless sweatshirt on if you are just running to class.  I put the links to a few of my favorite ones that I am looking at right now.  They are range in price so make sure check all of them out!  Most of them are very reasonable if you are on a college budget like me, otherwise they can be great gifts from friends.  Christmas is right around the corner!

Downtown Summer Nights

It is days like today when I am sitting in class, already exhausted, sick, and unamused, when I just wish I could be back in Chicago.  I didn't really get to post too many things about my summer in Chicago so I figured why not do a quick post about a few of my highlights.

Towards the end of the summer, I kayaked with my sister and family friend down the Chicago River.  It was a 6 mile trail so if you are not crazy about kayaking I would say do not do this.  But is was so much fun because the three of us just laughed ourselves sick and got to see the Navy Pier fireworks half way through too.  It wasn't too hot or too cold so overall the night was awesome!  We got back around 11:15 and ordered some famous Chicago pizza and then called it a night.  Let's just say, even though the ride was long... I would much rather be there than sitting in this Asian American Studies class right now.

 Gotta throw what you know

 View from the Chicago River of Willis Tower

Me on the Chicago River

Restaurants.  Another amazing part of my summer in Chicago.  I am just going to tell you about two since I could write about so many of them.  Feast was a new one for me this summer.  I went at the end of the summer with two of my friends.  It is a modern American cuisine.  I got backed chicken with a green bean, radish, and spring green salad on top.  Drink of choice, as always, was an iced tea-lemonade.  The atmosphere was perfect for a beautiful night in the city.  We sat outside on their patio where they had adorable lights hanging from the ceiling and it was half covered so as the sun went down at night, it was not overwhelmingly hot.  This night was a perfect way for me to finish up my summer with two of my best friends.  Once again, let me say, I would rather be eating downtown at these amazing restaurants then having to cook all my own meals in my apartment.

 I chose to wear my Lilly Pulitzer Millie top, Lilly Pulitzer Worth Skinny Jeans, Steve Madden Wedges, and finished off the outfit with my Pink printed Burberry finger purse.

Don't mind my friend Elyse, she wanted to photobomb for the blog post
Just one more restaurant!  This is a modern Mexican cuisine that is my Dad's favorite; Catina Laredo.  They have the best margaritas (yes my was a virgin) and table side guacamole.  This was my going away dinner with my Dad and sister before having to leave for school.  The location is perfect because right after dinner we made our way down to the new Chicago Riverwalk.

Hope you all enjoyed just my quick post about the things I am missing about summer.  Obviously being in Champaign, IL at school again is great because I did miss my friend but nothing compared to my times in Chicago!  Make you to comment, share, and email me with any thoughts or ideas!  Love you all.

National Wear Lilly Day ~ 2015

Today is Fathers Day so I am spending the day in Michigan at our farm with my Dad and his whole family.  We farm 700 acres in South West Michigan. As much as I love the city- it is great to escape to the country.  The country brings one small difficulty to me, especially with today being National Wear Lilly Day.  I never wear my Lilly at the farm because I'm always running around, getting dirty, and basically not caring what I wear. Well I couldn't miss out on the first national holiday so I decided to bring my Lilly Pulitzer crockies along for the weekend while I hang out by the pool.

I hope you all enjoy spending time with your families this weekend because I know I will!

Midwest to East Coast

A few of you may have already seen the pictures that I post onto my tumblr from my amazing trip to Rhode Island and Massachusetts, but I would love to share some of the details with you about my wonderful time.  My family, every summer, takes a trip and for the longest time we had been going to the same place, New Buffalo, MI.  This year we decided that being only an hour away from home was not really feeling like a vacation anymore, but more like a second home.  We mixed it up and decided to go out East.

 We flew into Providence and had out first stop in Newport, RI.  My mom attended her first year at Salve Regina there so it was only appropriate that we take a visit down memory lane for her.  It was such an amazing campus as I was able to compare it to my campus, the University of Illinois, which is in the middle of corn fields.  We spent two days here and were able to see some adorable shops and dined at some amazing restaurants that have been around for awhile.  During the day was when we walked around the shops and the weather was absolutely horrible.  It was in the 60s and raining all day, everyday.  Outfits were a little bit of a struggle but layers were a must.  I carried my North Face rain coat with me everywhere.  Here is an example of one of my outfits that I wore during my Newport adventures.

Sweater: Old Navy (similar)  |  Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit  |  Necklace: Jcrew (similar)  |  Jeans: American Eagle  |  Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider  |  Bracelets: Alex and Ani (Newport store exclusives)

Like I said, the shops were adorable and quaint but I think the food that I was able to enjoy was some of the best, even being from Chicago I can say that.  We dined our first night at The Mooring, which was a restaurant on the harbor.  I am a huge fan of lobster tail and so I decided why not try and tackle my first whole lobster.  The Northeast coast is known for having some of the best lobster and all I can say is wow, they are not kidding.

When I first got my plate looking like this, I was a little alarmed.  It seemed like a huge task that I was about to face.  Even after 45 minutes of shell cracking and eating, it was undoubtably the greatest lobster I had ever had. 

Our second night was spent at the notorious Castle Hill Inn, where I was able to experience the finest dining I ever have.  I ordered a bacon wrapped wild boar that was mouth watering.  Sadly, I do not have any pictures from this night because our cell phones were not able to be used but I was able to go back the next day before leaving and take some really awesome pictures with my sister.

 My dress: Old Navy (similar)  |  Shoes: Jack Rodgers  |  Necklace: Monogramed from Nordstrom

Some of you may think that this location looks familiar and that is because KJP and Sarah Vickers have taken photo shoots on this lawn before.  It was fun being able to follow them and then actually go and take my very own pictures here too.

After two gloomy days that looked like this in Newport,  it was time to make our way over to the Cape.  We spent 4 days in Brewster but I think that is something that I will save for a different post.

Thank you all of you checking out this post and I hope you enjoyed it!  Let me know if you have any questions.

... to be continued