Music Monday

I was all over the place with my music in November.  Here were a few of my favorite and in the top of my most played music!  BEWARE - December will probably be filled with a lot of Christmas music.

Mindful Monday

Everyone needs that friend in their life that is always thinking about them and going out of their way for them.  If you don't have that friend, try to be that friend for someone because I can't tell you how nice it was to have my friend go out of her way to do something nice for me.  She got me the Alex and Ani Pineapple bracelet that I have been obsessed with for a long time.  It's meaning is to "empower friendships and encourage good times" and since I was having a bad week, she thought it was very fitting that she get it for me.  It absolutely made my week and "empowering friendships and encouraging good times" is something that I do always try to do and now I have a constant reminder of it everyday. Go out.  Think of others.  Touch other peoples lives.  You have no idea what it could mean for them.

Blanket Yourself in Scarves

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This fall, girls are all rocking the blanket scarves.  I have yet to pick one up myself but basically it's because I cannot decide which one I want!  They look great with a sweater and boots if you are looking for a nicer look but they also look super cute if you have a hoodless sweatshirt on if you are just running to class.  I put the links to a few of my favorite ones that I am looking at right now.  They are range in price so make sure check all of them out!  Most of them are very reasonable if you are on a college budget like me, otherwise they can be great gifts from friends.  Christmas is right around the corner!