I made it!

It has officially been 24 hours since my plane landed in Florence.  I didn't get much sleep on the plane, so I am exhausted.  I traveled from Chicago to Zurich and then from there had a quick flight to Florence.  The airports are surprisingly easy to get around, and the flights went smoothly.  I was a lucky girl getting to the baggage claim and finding all 3 of my suitcases, unlike some other students.  (yes, I just said three suitcases. whoops)

When I walked towards the doors to exit the airport, we were intercepted by a woman holding a Lorenzo de' Medici sign and thank God she was there.  She assisted us with our bags to the taxi line.  The taxi drivers know no English here.  So I just had to take my first leap of faith and hope that she told him the right thing and that we would just end up there.  The drive from the airport was alarming.  Other drivers are coming at you from every different direction.  The bikers and walkers just walk any which way in the street.   The culture shock had started, and I had only been in Florence for maybe 40 minutes.

Sailing out of Summer

Summer sales might be some of my favorite things.  You have to follow your favorite stores on social media because you usually find out about sales first since companies like to reward their followers.  Well I've been following my favorites stores all summer and I was able to land this adorable dress!

My Freshman Dorm

Decorating a freshman dorm can be daunting but my roommate and I had so much fun with it!  It is funny to look back at my room and compare it to some of the rooms girls do today.  When I was a freshman, matching and getting everything new was not always the "thing" to do.  Looking back, I am happy I brought along things from my room that I had at home because it made my dorm room feel like home.