Munich, Germany ~ Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest!  What a time, what a time.  There were ups and downs of the weekend, but if I had to tell someone whether to go, I would say for sure go.  I traveled to Munich through a student lead organization called Euro Adventures, and I loved them.  I would totally recommend them, and I am planning on using them for a couple of other trips too.

We took a bus there, and it took about 9 and half hours.  It was long, but I got some sleep, and thank God because most of you know how I am when I am over-tired….

Day Trip Guide: Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre!! Finally, the day has come when I made it to Cinque Terre.  I went in with absolutely no expectations.  I am glad I didn’t know what to expect because it made the scenery that much more beautiful.  There were moments I looked around where I almost wanted to cry from the beauty.

Day trip Guide: Viareggio

On Saturday, my friends and I decided to conquer the Firenze S.M. Novella Train Station (Santa Maria), which is the central train station in Florence.  It was a bit intimidating to go there because we were told to be on high alert for pickpockets.  We left early with plenty of time to get ourselves from our apartments to the station and then be able to find the place to buy tickets.

Once we bought our tickets, it got a little confusing because the whole ticket was in Italian, so we had no idea how to find what track we had to be on.  Even though we left ourselves a full 50 minutes from walking out the door to getting on the train, we still had to run to the track with four minutes to spare.  Thank God there was a friendly Italian couple at the station because they were able to show us what track we needed to get to make it to Viareggio.

One Week of Classes Down

   SYLLABUS WEEK!  That is usually something that everyone will get extremely excited for, at U of I. In Florence, it isn't a thing here.  Most of my classes are over two hours long because they only meet once a week.  The teacher covered the syllabus in about 20 minutes and then we moved right into the first lesson.  Although I hate being in class for so long, I do feel it is more beneficial to the students. The way class works here is a professor teaches us for the first hour, then the second hour, an exercise is presented so you can apply what you learned. I am the type of person that needs to learn by doing, not just listening, so this is something that I have enjoyed and learned a lot during my first week of classes.

   For example,  I will show you some of the stuff that I have done in my two photography classes so far.  One class is Introduction to Digital Photography, and the other is Food Design, Styling, and Photography.  In both classes, we learned some basic manual settings on the camera.  The manual function used to be the most horrifying feature on a camera to me and now, I can't imagine taking another picture on auto-focus.  In the digital photography class, we also learned about shutter speeds and exposure to light.


A Weekend of Miles

Well, it is safe to say that after this weekend, I think I have walked 37 miles total from Thursday to today. A lot of those miles were circles from getting lost here but I am learning so much.  Thursday and Friday we had orientation but they were early in the morning so we were able to do some more walking.  I walked on Thursday to find where all of my classes are because I have to keep reminding myself that classes start tomorrow.  (Oh brother)!

After the orientation and the tour of our classes, we stopped at the market again and picked up a couple things.  You have to pay for grocery bags so I bought a reusable one.  We came home and made some lunch at home and then decided that we wanted to go roam and waste all our energy because we did not want to go out later that night.  We found H&M and it was insane.  4 stories and their clothes were adorable.  Different than the U.S. but also had a few similar things.