Fall Break (cont.) Santorini, Greece

Super windy and insane waves when crossing the Mediterranean to get from Mykonos to Santorini... I'll be fine.  I've grown up on the boat and wave runners in Lake Michigan I told myself so how bad can this be?  The boat crew passed out barf bags to everyone and Britt and I looked at each other like why would they waste their time?

The start of Fall break: Mykonos, Greece

The travel distance between Florence and Greece really isn't that bad, but Brittany and I made it a little harder on ourselves. We traveled from Florence to Rome by train. Then from the Rome train station had to take another train to the airport. We were going to take a bus to the airport but the gentleman said it would take 2 hours with Rome traffic. We had to quickly reroute.


Follow my blog with Bloglovin So have I mentioned yet that the cities get better as the weekends go by?  Barcelona is everything that it's cracked up to be.  From the lively music to the fantastic food, and to the beautiful beaches, there wasn't a part of it that I did not enjoy.