Stocking Stuffers Guide

The stress of finals are in high gear and it is an official countdown to Christmas morning! That is what gets me through these long nights of studying.  This time of year is my absolute favorite.  I love the fashion trends, gift giving, cooking, and of course, all of the decorations.

Making a Leather Jacket Preppy

A year ago today, I was in Florence, Italy.  I can't believe how fast the time has flown.  It honestly feels like yesterday.  Before I know it, I am going to be walking across the stage at graduation from U of I. UGH.  I need to freeze time.

Holiday Plaid Scarf Outfit

It's blowing my mind that buzz on the street is already centered around Christmas gift guides, sales, and outfit inspiration.  I initially didn't want to jump on the band wagon, but it seems like each year, people stress about finding the perfect outfit or the perfect gift all over again.

Things I am Thankful For

I don't sit down enough to truly reflect on all of the things in my life that I am thankful for.  Of course, I am grateful for the big things in my life like the house that I live in, my faith, and the life my parents have provided for me.  I feel like these topics can go unsaid.  But I never take into consideration the small things I value in my everyday life.  I love when the holidays come around so I don't have to stress about school and life, and instead I can reflect on the positivity I've been blessed with.  This list could go on forever, but here is a quick top seven.

Gift Guide for Him

Shopping for the men in your life, whether it is your significant other, father, brother, or grandpa, can be daunting.  I thought it might be helpful to put together some reasonable and classic staples that every man needs in their life, no matter their age.

Flirty Pink Fall Outfit

I signed up for Stitch Fix a couple months ago and have received a couple packages.  I don't always choose to keep everything, but this pink bell sleeve top was a great snag.  If you want a review of Stitch Fix, I would be more than happy to write a post about it!

I love the classy v-neck and the color of this top.  It is my absolute favorite.  Bell sleeves have been huge this season and I am all about it.  They are fun, flirty, and elegant.

Suede Fall Vest with Striped Shirt

I always need outfits that are easy to throw on in the morning.  I wake up early, get ready, go to class, then have to be at work.  I always need to look presentable and professional when at work.  I'm lucky I don't have to dress business professional, but I do need to be put together.

Friday Finds vol. 2 (a day early)

Wow.  Seven days went by and I was actually able to publish another blog post like I was hoping.  I posted an Instagram survey to see what you guys would be interested in reading on Classically Clad and I loved the feedback!  I know you want to see more outfits so I am working on it.  It is really hard for me to find photographers at school.  If you are reading this and want to help me, please reach out to me!

Friday Finds vol. 1

It has been a long time since I have posted to Classically Clad and man, am sad about it.  I have been so busy between my internship this summer, to recruitment, to jumping right into Senior year.  I haven't given myself any time to do things that are considered "me time".  Now that the semester is already half way through, I am trying to take a deep breath and spend some more time doing the things that I like to do.

These Friday Finds are some of my favorite posts because I get to show all of you the things that I like using right now or things that I would love to get.  You can shop anything in the image below by clicking the links.

Beverage Cart (under $150) | Pink Tote | Infinity Scarf | Rose Gold Tea Pot (on sale) | Magic Cream

If you have any questions about the above items, leave it in the comments and I will be sure to respond to you.  Hopefully I can spend a little more time and get some more posts written.

Outfit for Work: Vol. 1

Hey everyone!  Sorry I have been gone from Classically Clad for awhile.  I had a pretty busy semester.  I am hoping the summer brings more time to blog.  (fingers crossed)  I thought starting my Outfit for Work series today would be fitting since today is my first day at my internship downtown!

I will be working in an advertising agency where the dress code varies from business professional to business casual.  Finding clothes that are appropriate for work, especially in the summer, can be difficult because of skirt lengths.  I hope this series throughout the summer is helpful.

Valentine's Day Trendy Board

Hey Everyone!  Okay, I apologize, I went a little crazy on this post because I can not get over all of the adorable items that are out there for Valentine's Day.  All of your Valentine's Day outfit needs are here!  And everything is listed under one post so it is easy for you to build your own outfit, click, then buy.  Hit the Read More button below to see what else this post has in store.

Make Up Must Haves

Make-Up can be life changing if you have products that you love and that are good quality.  The thing that I always struggle with is finding products that are both of these things but also not going to make me go broke.  I am a college girl, and I know many of you are, we just don't have it in the budget.

New Years Resolutions

I have been super busy, but it is finally time to post some New Year's resolutions!  I think this is a great post for everyone to read because it is more about focusing on broad subjects; Feel Good, Be Good and Do Good.  Below I have the ways that I can accomplish these myself, but these three ideas are definitely customizable for each person.  Remember, New Year's resolutions do not need to be impossible, but instead small ideas to try and help you leave a better life style during your day to day activities in the New Year.

21st Birthday Party

Right before Christmas was a crazy time.  Between getting home from abroad and the holidays, I celebrated my 21st birthday.  My family planned an adorable surprise party, and I thought I would share some of the details with all of you.

What to Pack for Abroad